Frequently asked questions

Can I drown my sod?

It is virtually impossible. Sod requires a great deal of water to root down and to become established. Flooded areas that hold water may need to be drained in summer months as the sod will actually "boil" under these conditoins.

Why are there gaps between the rolls of sod in my lawn?

Your sod did not recieve adequate water upon installation or shortly thereafter. Sod that is allowed to dry while becoming established will shrink and create gaps between rolls.

Do I need to have my soil tested?

It is never a bad idea. Contact your county extension agent for information on soil testing. Please do not rely on DIY kits sold at the box stores.

Can I just lay the new sod over my thin existing grass?

We do not recommend doing so.

Should I water the area before putting down sod?

No. Trying to sod a wet area makes for a sloppy job. Footprints in mud, unter sod are nothing but air pockets that jeopardize the ability of your sod to take root.

How is sod sold?

We sell sod by the square yard. One square yard is equal to nine square feet.

What is your lead time?

That depends entirely on which services you require and weather conditions. Never assume that it is too late to get sod. Please contact us. We will do our best to make sod happen for you.

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