Top Quality Turf

Genesis Farms features the latest in Sod Harvesting technology featuring Firefly Harvesters with GPS-Drive technology and Trebro Sod harvesting Machines with the latest in GPS-Drive technology. This GPS assist assures straight line seams for easier and more manageable seam-matching during installation. Well-matched straight-cut lines help provide your client with a faster sod-knitting process that grows-in faster and healthier.

Roll Sizes

Small rolls are 10 square feet each and come 600 square feet to the pallet. We can ship up to 18 pallets per semi load for a total of 10,800 square feet per load.

Large rolls come in 350 square foot rolls and require a special large roll installation machine to install. Semi loads can deliver up to 30 large rolls for a total of 10,800 Square feet.

All orders are custom cut and delivered immediately after harvest.