Sod Products


Genesis Farms produces the highest quality rhizomatous tall fescue available in the marketplace today. Seed stack for our fescue grass is custom-blended by the Jacklyn Seed Company for a unique proprietary blend exclusive to Genesis Farms. Thin bladed enough to compete with the aesthetics of bluegrass, our fescue has superior heat and drought tolerance for a greener lawn during hot summer months. Our fescue features a rhizomatous lateral growth of fine-bladed turf that has a fast recovery

due to wear from kids, dogs, or sports.



Jacklin Seed Company each year blends a custom bluegrass seed mixture exclusively for Genesis Farms that allows us to offer our customers the highest quality bluegrass seed available in Central Indiana. Combining the best traits of Navy, Beyond, Glacier and Jackpot bluegrass seed, the result is a beautiful full thick healthy bluegrass lawn that is fast to germinate when seeded, is highly adaptable to different environmental conditions, features a dark green color, and provides a high natural resistance to weeds and disease


Seed Products

Looking to match the sod at your home but not needing to re-sod? We offer the same premium fescue and bluegrass seed blends that we grow at all our farms. Need something basic and value-based for quick germination and cover? We can provide that too! In fact, Genesis Farms stocks many seed blends to meet specific needs for landscape contractors and homeowners looking to buy professional grade products.



Genesis Farms offers a wide array of professional-grade fertilizers to care for your turf! From full feeding triple blends to high potassium formulations to promote root growth, we can customize a feeding program to help you optimize your lawn’s health and look. Specialty products include fertilizer with pre-emergence weed control for a one application approach that meets the needs of two issues while caring for your lawn. We also have formulations to tackle pesky insect problems and fungicides to stop turf diseases in their tracks!


Straw Blankets

Need an instant ground cover to stop erosion while growing-in your seed?  Straw blankets provide the erosion protection you need but still allows the new seedlings to germinate and thrive.  Straw bales are also available for less problematic areas.